A Moffat Sunset

View from the hill of the sun setting over Moffat, December 4 2016.

Winter Sun

Every season has something to recommend it on Gallow Hill, here the sun shines through the trees, mid afternoon on December 4 2016.

The Wood Woolly Foot - Collybia pero

The Wood Woolly Foot - Collybia peronata: one of the many species of fungi to be found on the hill.

Regeneration on Gallow Hill

Regeneration: a tiny rowan tree, 2016.

Clear-Felled Hill

The damage caused by clear-felling, 2014.

After Clear-Felling

Gallow Hill soon after being clear-felled by the previous owner, 2014.

Path to Moffat

Sign in Fog

An old map of Gallow Hill

An old map of Gallow Hill discovered in the archives of Annandale Estates.

Gallow Hill Postcard

An old postcard of Gallow Hill showing how lush it once was.

Old Gallow Hill

A view of Moffat from Gallow Hill at the turn of the last century.

MCW Logo

Moffat Community Woodlands logo (designed by Robbie Porteous).

MCW - Moffat Community Woodlands

    Registered charity no. SC04567

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